Univa Youth Hostel Budapest
H-1146 Budapest, Ajtósi Dürer sor 23.
Until the beginning of
July 2008 you can reach us via
email: univahostel@univahostel.hu
Open: from July 2008.
from 7th of july 2008
to 31st of august 2008
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Open seasonaly: form 7th of July 2008 till 25th of August 2008

room first week:
7th of July - 13th of July 2008
last week:
20th of August - 25st of August 2008.
Single 2400 HUF 2400 HUF
Double 2400 HUF 2400 HUF
3-bedded 2400 HUF 2400 HUF
room main season: from 14th of July to 11th of August high season: from 12th of August to 19th of August
Single 4500 HUF 4900 HUF
Double 3300 HUF 3900 HUF
3-bedded 2500 HUF 3300 HUF

The prices above are for person/night. The prices inculde the taxes.

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