Univa Youth Hostel Budapest
H-1146 Budapest, Ajtósi Dürer sor 23.
Tel./Fax.: +36 1 384 0616
email: univahostel@univahostel.hu
skype: univahostel
from 7th of july 2008.
to 25th of august 2008.
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The Univa Hostel Budapest runs from 5th July till 25th August. Till 7th July you can book via the online booking systems. We also confirm your booking via email.

online booking
Our hostel accepts online bookings via the booking systems below:

offline booking
Our hostel runs from 7th of July till 25th of August.
Besides the onle booking you can book via the traditional ways as well (phone, fax, email, etc.):

Between 7th of July and 25th of August:

Until 7th of july booking should be done via .

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