Univa Youth Hostel Budapest
H-1146 Budapest, Ajtósi Dürer sor 23.
Tel./Fax.: +36 1 384 0616
skype: univahostel
email: univahostel@univahostel.hu
Open: from 6th of July 2009.
from 6th of july 2009
to 30th of august 2009
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single , double or 3-bedded rooms
nice prices
Univa Youth Hostel

Univa Youth Hostel
About us
Univa Youth Hostel

Our hostel, situated in one of the nicest parts of the Hungarian capital, Budapest, awaits its guests from the beginning of July till the end of August. In our hostel, besides single, double and three-bedded rooms, a restaurant and a bar ensure carefree relaxation.

Owing to our our guests have more possibility to get to know our country and our capital, and can spend their time more usefully.

Nearby the hostel, which operates as a university hostel during the rest of the year, you can find the famous Heroes' Square , the City Park with the Zoo, the Funny Park, the Széchenyi bath and several museums (Museum of Transportation , Museum of Fine Arts, Art Hall) (you can find details about the sights of Budapest clicking on "").

You can reach the centre with a pleasant, 20-30-minute walk, which shortens to 10 minutes using public transport. Keleti Pályaudvar, where international trains arrive and depart, too, can be found some hundred metres from the hostel.

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